Murp first began lurking in the community around Zeldathon_Quest (June 22nd, 2011). Unsure of exactly when he joined the community, his forums account shows Febuary 02, 2013. We do know that he was active in the mumble at LEAST during Zeldathon Water (December 27th, 2012), and was on the Minecraft server for months before he ever joined mumble. Other than that, it will always be a mystery.


Murp's face, drawn by genetics.

Roles in the CommunityEdit

Currently not a part of any teams.

Murp is a very active UHC player, having played almost every FFFUHC, and many other UHCs hosted everywhere from reddit to ToonUHC to his own server.

Being very active in mumble, Murp is online nearly every day of the week, sometimes being up the entire night just talking to people.


Currently lives in Austin, Texas, USA. Born January 21, 2000, is currently 14 years of age, and is in the ninth grade. Actual name is Jeremy Watkins.




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